client testimonials

“I have found your approach to be inherently and measurably effective for me. I enthusiastically embrace you and your coaching. Thanks again!”

Chief Experience Officer,
Human Factors International

“Debra yields consistent results because she is intelligent, witty, articulate, and skilled at deep listening.”

Certified Professional co-Active coach

“I leave every coaching session feeling relaxed, energized and one step closer to my goals. In just a few weeks, I have already seen results in how I respond to situations that prior to working with Debra, would have taken me down a non-productive path and ultimately an unwanted result.”

Health Club Owner,
Former Olympic Athletic Trainer

“Debra clearly demonstrates an understanding of the coaching conversation, building warm connections, staying focused on her clients’ desired focus and content of the sessions as well as asking questions rather than directing the outcome. She exemplifies integrity as a coach who applies in her own life and to her own life challenges that which she offers to clients. Debra is an asset to the coach community and I am delighted to offer her a letter of reference.”

Principal Coach at Mobius Business Coaching, LLC

“How can I thank you enough? You make me see the infinite possibilities. I know you believe in the best parts of all your clients and we are blessed to have you in our lives.”

Full Time Mother and Homemaker

“ With Debra’s professional coaching, I am becoming a more effective manager. I am learning to communicate in a clean, clear manner with employees. Her coaching guides me as I become aware of necessary changes to my business organization to make improvements for growth.

Portland Stone Ware Co., Inc.

“The work I have done with Debra has been invaluable. She was focused, practical, well trained and balanced in her approach. Personally and professionally, I am now a more focused and capable individual thanks to Debra.”


“Debra has helped to heighten my awareness of some deeply rooted patterns I hadn’t even realized were holding me back. I find her insight, encyclopedic knowledge of various life coaching approaches, ability to both listen and lead, and caring yet firm expectations of follow through and accountability to be just the right mix as I make measurable progress on my life’s journey.”

VP of Product, English Central

“Debra Hickok has guided me through a personal journey of profound self-discovery. I have developed a deeper compassion for myself and others than I ever thought possible. With Debra, the personal learning curve is limitless!”

Executive and Certified Life Coach

“By far, the greatest investment I have made in myself as a person seeking to apply my full potential has been to hire Debra. She is a masterful coach who shines a light on areas of my life where I have unknowingly been holding myself back. I am constantly amazed at the heights and depths we get to in one session.”

Central Intelligence Agency,
Intelligence Officer and Manager

“I find Debra to be an amazing and outstanding coach. She is highly skilled at helping her clients find their true purpose and teaches them the tools they need to live in full integrity with that purpose. I highly recommend her, she is excellent.”

Certified Life Coach & Productivity Consultant

“Working with Debra has enabled me to believe in myself again and in my ability to make important changes in my life. I'm so very glad to have my power back!

First Vice President,

“Debra gives me the gift of tools and exercises to use to explain why I feel and react the way I do. She has resources that are fabulous, and I am benefiting immensely from her knowledge and training.”

Real Estate Office Mgt/Administration

“Debra's coaching continues to be life-changing for me. Every session I am amazed at her ability to bring clarity and teach me a great deal about myself. If you want to change your life, work with Debra. .”

Principal, DallekCoaching LLC,
Washington, D.C.

“The work I have done with Debra has been invaluable. She was focused, practical, well trained and balanced in her approach. Personally and professionally, I am now a more focused and capable individual thanks to Debra.”

Professional Event Planner

“Debra’s deep knowledge and understanding of what helps us move forward in our lives has helped me in a wide variety of twists & turns, highs and lows; supporting my deepest values and life goals.”

Yoga Instructor

“Debra is a visionary who holds a place for truth telling and the creation of possibilities that lay within. I hold no doubt about her capacity to work with those who truly want to step out of debilitating cycles and into expansive and directed states of magnificence and success.”


“I can’t imagine working with a more dedicated, insightful, professional coach. Debra provides a safe space for my professional growth and raises the bar when I need to do more.”

Professional Coach

“Within months I experienced significant achievement in my stated goals, and feel, what seems like for the first time, at peace and at one with my goals, initiatives and place in my family and community.”


“Debra is without exception, the best coach I know. She is extremely intelligent, well-read and researched, but more importantly she has the innate gift and deep desire to support and guide people to live their lives intentionally and in accordance with their core values and true purpose.”

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach