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From a young age I learned to respond to daily life by climbing up into my head, setting up camp and remaining there for the duration. I later realized that I wanted a life that my thinking alone could not provide. In fact my never ending thoughts were becoming the problem. When I discovered the deep wisdom that lives beneath our thoughts, I knew I had accessed a different kind of innate intelligence from which many are disconnected. I learned to access the naturally wise parts of myself that are available to each of us; intuitive wisdom, the physical body, genuine feelings, and an abiding inner calm. I now appreciate the mind as the brilliant and practical tool that it is. Yet I can connect to the naturally wise parts of myself that guide me into responses and actions that are balanced, clear and empowered.

I also discovered that it is my purpose and privilege to support others in this holistic, powerful approach to life and work.


I am trained and certified in both fundamental and advanced coaching and facilitation techniques.

Life Coach of the Year Nominee 2012 & 2014

International Coach Federation of New England

Certifications and Degrees:

  • Certified co-Active Coach CPCC: trained and certified by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI)
  • Professional Certified Coach, PCC: through the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Certified Deep River Facilitator: Trained and certified by renowned author and facilitator Abby Seixas. Practical methods for busy or overwhelmed people who want to recover a sense of balance and a manageable pace in their lives.
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Therapy

Memberships and Affiliations:

Professional Training:

  • Completed full course of study and certification at the Coaches Training Institute: One of the most renowned credentialed coaching schools in the industry.
  • True Purpose™ Facilitation with Tim Kelley of the True Purpose Institute
  • Active Imagination: A specific process developed by Carl Jung to help individuals understand and engage all parts of themselves in order to live a fully integrated life.
  • Non-violent communication:
  • Shadow Work® Facilitation.
  • Teacher of mindfulness and presence practices for over twenty years.
  • New Methods in Womens Group Process: Understanding the dynamics of how personal experiences influence our perception of others and what we then project about them. Although a training for women, the processes apply to both genders.
  • Action Learning: A process for engaging groups in high performance problem solving while developing team collaboration and leadership skills.


  • I am married with three children (all now young adults) and our dog Winnie.
  • I am passionate about studying and understanding how to best align all parts of ourselves in order to live more conscious, authentic lives.
  • My interests include: leadership, group dynamics, communication, restorative justice, metaphysics and mindfulness, as well as reading, listening to music, hiking, boating, meditation and gentle, restorative yoga.
  • I am a lover of: dogs, small bookstores and movie houses, skilled storytelling, windy weather, time honored cultural rituals, gathering in community with others to share an experience or common purpose.