private coaching

In this collaborative process, individuals work on very specific areas of their lives. I offer coaching that supports internal shifts giving way to external changes.

I ask the meaningful, often never before asked questions that bring clarity.

I provide a map and toolbox, navigate pitfalls, and suggest routes for success.

I am skilled at guiding clients to connect with their strengths, gifts and unique purpose. This process shows people the path to their inner calm, wisdom and personal power.

Clients can expect to:

  • Bring an entirely new understanding to the ways in which they are stuck, which is the first step in becoming “un-stuck”.
  • Clarify what they need to do (or not do) to create the life they want.
  • Introduce practical actions that will bring about meaningful change.
  • Transform old patterns into new, powerful choices that are healthy and supportive.
  • Learn simple, daily life practices to sustain the successful changes that are made, after our coaching is completed.
  • Experience the incomparable peace and joy that comes with learning to access and listen to their inner guidance.

I coach individuals locally in person, as well as all over and outside the United States by phone and Skype.

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