Personality Traits

Intellectual / Conceptual Thinkers

People who spend most of their time living “above the neck” often struggle to feel balanced and grounded. Our bodies constantly offer us objective information about how we are, and what we need. Connecting to the body is a requirement for accessing our intuition. Learning to access all parts of ourselves allows us to hear the innate messages from our body and our “gut”, which leads to more clear and purposeful choices. We learn to engage our minds from a more balanced place. This kind of balance allows insights and truth to show up more readily, which leads to effective decision making and successful action.


Perfectionism can create a perpetual cycle of both internal and external criticism. It is not “the striving for excellence” that many people believe it to be. It is a dynamic that keeps us from the richness of our own humanity. Powerful growth comes from the conscious choice to be genuine rather than “perfect”. There is no room for learning if we insist on being experts. It is impossible to fully engage highly creative processes when we continuously drain our energy with the never ending quest for perfectionism.

Rescuers / Caretakers

Many of us have been conditioned to believe prioritizing the needs of others over our own is a noble way to live. Over time we disconnect from a deeper truth about what we really want in our relationships, work and lives. This is not about being selfish or unkind, quite the contrary. It is remarkable to see what happens when we understand that healthy boundaries are the highest form of respect and love. When we stop making choices based on prioritizing the needs of others, we enjoy relationships of balance and integrity.

This includes the co-dependent relationship as it relates to addiction. Being in a relationship with an addict typically includes a prevalent cycle of caretaking and rescuing.

Past and Future Dwellers

Our thoughts often “hijack”us right out of the present moment. We develop ingrained ways of thinking about situations and our daily lives, which typically keep us focused on the past or the future. Vital energy is drained that we could be using to make clear and wise choices. Learning to “show up” fully present in our own lives, opens up significant access to empowerment and insight that supports everything from decision making to health and wellness. Releasing compulsive thinking creates space for much more energy, joy, peace and connection in our own lives and the lives of others.