Mindfulness Groups

This experience is for people looking to gather in community with others also seeking support and guidance in becoming more present, grounded and intentional in daily life.

What you can expect:

  • Practical processes for bringing space and calm into daily life
  • A clear, in depth understanding of mindfulness and its benefits through discussion and practice
  • Support based on ancient mindfulness practices that have successfully stood the test of time
  • A book (from various selections) is sometimes chosen to read as a foundation for our process
  • Participants are invited to bring personal struggles and circumstances (if they wish) that challenge their ability to be mindful, and I offer coaching as part of the group
  • Learning is balanced with practice and integration, while having the support of a community of peers

I offer mindfulness groups locally in person, and in conference call format all over the country and Canada.

Groups typically meet two to three times a month.

I can customize each mindfulness group upon request. For example, professionals, friends, people having a similar experience or struggle.

I offer these as women groups as well as for mixed genders.

To learn more or request group schedules please contact me.