leadership coaching

Personalized support for managers and leaders of teams, groups and organizations.

An organization or team is only as strong and successful in its mission as the leaders who guide it. I work with managers and leaders to help them learn to lead from a position of inspiration, empowerment and presence.

Leaders and managers learn to develop the following skills:

  • Active listening that includes “hearing” the subtle yet important information
  • Asking powerful, relevant questions that directly address issues and challenges
  • Creating a collaborative work culture in which all skills and talents are fully leveraged
  • Clarifying roles and job descriptions
  • Expressing clear, professional boundaries
  • Communicating with language that is respectful, yet empowered and clear
  • Leading from a calm, grounded and self-aware perspective, thereby increasing success and productivity

Dealing With the Data

This video offers several ways to remain grounded and clear when you are responding to various situations personally and professionally.

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