Group Facilitation and Workshop Testimonials

“One of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself and my staff is to hire Debra Hickok. She has helped us navigate the rough terrains of business management and leadership. Debra’s guidance has clarified our purpose and created strategies for translating vision into reality. Her facilitation provided us with tools for successful communication and consistent accountability. Debra has been a constant source of inspiration, motivation, encouragement and support. Thank you Debra!”

Walker Orthodontics, PC

“I participated in a coaching group co-facilitated by Debra for people who have a loved one suffering from addiction. Debra’s wisdom, information and guidance supported me in keeping my behavior healthy for both myself and my loved one. I felt supported and hopeful as I was able to stay on track with my own position and behavior through Debra’s help. I highly recommend Debra’s facilitation for anyone seeking practical supportive strategies and guidance when facing the challenge of needing to make an important change in their lives..”

Administrative Management / Real Estate

“Debra’s talent as a facilitator is difficult to capture in words because the experience of working with her was so powerful. Simply put, she worked magic for our group and made our faculty retreat an extremely positive, productive and empowering experience. Debra is a master of her craft; a true professional. She is an excellent communicator, an engaged listener, and an organized leader who fosters collaboration. In advance of our retreat, she worked with me to plan the day, articulate our goals, understand the personalities of the participants, and ensure that she would efficiently help us address our priority agenda items. With Debra’s leadership, we accomplished more than we set out to tackle in our day-long retreat. Her follow up has been outstanding and the insights she summarized for us will be instrumental in helping our program move forward with focus, vision, and renewed collective energy. I recommended Debra to two other faculty groups who were looking to plan a retreat; I will continue to do so with enthusiasm!”

Department Chair, Health Sciences,
Boston University

“Debra! What a performance--really, you had us (mindfully) regretting the passage of time that meant we had to move on from what was a fascinating and beautifully constructed set of ideas and insights that led us to find our own ways towards mindfulness. This is a fascinating topic that you presented in an engaging way that appeased those seeking a clearer understanding of mindfulness.”,

“Debra's mindfulness group served me on so many levels. It elevated my understanding of mindfulness practices, helped ground me personally and gave me tools for life. Debra has an amazing ability to be a teacher, mentor, guide and guru all rolled into one.”

Career and Leadership Coach,
Washington, DC

“Our board needed expert facilitation for a day-long retreat that needed to address important organizational issues. Debra Hickok of Featherstone Personal & Professional Coaching fit the bill perfectly. We were able to leave the process and management of our discussions in her hands, which allowed the board members to concentrate on deliberating the content. It made a real and positive difference in what we accomplished.”

Associate Dean, Harvard Divinity School
Chair, Boston Theological Institute Board of Directors

“With Debra’s professional coaching through challenging times, I am becoming a more effective manager. I am learning to communicate in a clean, clear manner with employees. Her coaching guides me as I become aware of necessary changes to my business organization to make improvements for growth. I am grateful for her guidance as I continue on this life journey of awareness.”

Portland Stone Ware Co., Inc.

“Debra Hickok lead us on a mindfulness journey that invited us into ourselves in new ways. Her guidance expanded my awareness of my own mental patterns and shed light on ways of emerging beyond these outdated habits. The work that I have done with Debra has changed the way I live my life and inspired a deeply grounded personal transformation.”

Certified Coach and Mindfulness Instructor
Croton, NY

“Exploring a book like Tolle’s A New Earth in a group setting with Debra as our guide is a TOTALLY different and hugely powerful experience for me. Through this experience I feel I am for the first time REALLY understanding and appreciating the power and essence of the Ego, how it shows up and how pure *awareness* of this part that is present in all human beings is a life changing experience.”

Certified co-Active Coach
Petaluma, CA

You had my teachers deep in thought and afterwards there was much appreciation for the way you presented and the detail of the topic. You laid out in a clear and extremely interesting manner the many facets of what we all can work on within ourselves.

Coordinator of Extended Day
Acton Boxborough Community Education

“Debra spoke recently to a group of peers -- a potentially tough audience, many of whom have had extensive experience that overlaps with hers. Her mastery of her subject and, ultimately, of her audience was impressive to witness. I had the pleasure of fielding numerous compliments on her behalf, for she had genuinely educated and entertained even the experts.”

President, Still River Retirement Planning Software, Inc.,
President, SAGE Crossing Foundation, Inc